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    【7.18】Constraining CP-violated electric-gluonic operator(s) through EDM measurements
    2019-07-12|文章來源: |【

    Title: Constraining CP-violated electric-gluonic operator(s) through EDM measurements
    Speaker: Dr. Yingnan Mao (Center for Theoretical Sciences , Taiwan)
    Time: 3:00PM, Jul. 18th (Thursday), 2019
    Place: R319, Theoretical Physics Division

    Electric dipole moment (EDM) measurement is a powerful method to test or constrain new physics with extra CP-violation. In this talk, the speaker will briefly introduce the recent ACME experiment which set the strictest constraint on electron EDM. He will also show why CP-violated electron-nucleon interaction must also be considered together. As an example, he will show how CP-violated electric-gluonic operator(s) can contribute to EDM observable and constrained by experiments. This talk is based on my recent paper 1904.10808.

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